Latitude 40° 18’ N Longitude 23° 26’ E

Max Draft 6.7       Time Zone GMT +2

WorldScale No


Location: Yerakini is situated in NE Greece on the N shore of the Gulf of Cassandra.

General overview: The port is operated by Grecial Magnesite SA. Vessels anchor offshore and embark cargo from lighters.

Load line zone: Summer

Max sixe: Draught 6.7m.


Anchorages: A convenient berth is in a depth of 10.0m with the head of the loading pier bearing NNE distant 400m.

Note: The sea is not usually too rough for caiques to lie at anchor off the port, and conditions are seldom too bad for loading alongside the pier except occasionally in the winter months. This is probably due to the shelter afforded by a large patch of foul ground lying approx 400m SSE of the head of the loading pier. The patch, about 278m in extent in NW-SE direction, consists of rock, sand and weed and has depths of less than 2.om near its centre.

Tidal range and flow: Range approx 0.3m.

Dock density: 1025.

Charts: BA 1085. Admiralty Pilot NP48.


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