Elefsis Shipyards S.A.


 Elefsis Shipyards S.A. is located at Eleusis Bay (38º02'N 023º33'E), 4 kms from Eleusis town. The bay is well protected from strong winds.

Floating docks

Three floating docks are available with the following specifications:

Main Particulars

Floating Dock I

Floating Dock II

Floating Dock III


22.000 DWT

75.000 DWT

120.000 DWT

Lifting Capacity

7.500 tons

18.000 tons

28.000 tons

Length O.A.

162 meters

227 meters

252 meters

Max. Vessel Length

164 meters

230 meters

276 meters

Width Between Walls

24 meters

35 meters

41 meters

Max. Vessel Breadth

22.80 meters

32.20 meters

40 meters


2 x 5 tons

2 x 18 tons

2 x 12 tons

As well as the floating dock capacities, the yard can berth seven to ten vessels, depending on vessel size, simultaneously alongside the repair piers. Anchorage is also possible in Eleusis Bay under pilot's direction but this is often very crowded with laid-up vessels.


Same restriction as Eleusis port.


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