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Medium sized facility, handles bulk alumina, caustic soda solution, bauxite, petcoke, coal tar pitch,
aluminium slabs/billets, aluminium fluoride and fuel oil products.

Aprox.Position: 38° 21' 40’’ North, 22° 40' 30’’ East)

On the north shore el the Gulf of Corinth in the south of the country.

The area is locally known as Aspra-Spitia

Charts: BA Charts No. 1600 and 2405


Max. Size: Loa 190m., beam 35m, draft 11.0m

Density: 1026 - 1030.

Vessel may approach the berth from sunrise until sunset.


Compulsory. Vessel should advise Agent of ETA at least 24 hours prior to arrival to arrange pilotage services. Pilots maintain listening watch on VHF Channel 12. Vessel should make VHF contact 2 hours prior to arrival.
Pilot boards 0 5 n m. west of the pier, unless another position is advised due to weather conditions.
Pilot boat painted black with white deckhouse with the word "Pilot" painted in white letters on both sides.

Anchorages: Recommended anchorages in positions Lat 38° 21' 48" N, Long 022° 39' 57" E.

VHF: Contact with Port Authority and Pilot made on VHF Channels 12 and 16.

Tugs: 1x950 h.p tug available. Tugs are based in Antikyra, 2.5 n.m. WNW of Saint Nicolas.


Details of available berths, including length of quay, depth alongside, maximum LOA, beam and draft at Low Water(indicating whether salt or fresh water), maximum size of vessel, fendering and other relevant data, together with advice of cargoes handled at respective berths. Details of independent berths or terminals.
One pier, length 400 m., with North and South Berths. The North Berth handles bauxite, coal tar pitch, petcoke, hydrated alumina, aluminium fluoride, aluminium and general cargo. The South Berth handles fuel oil, caustic soda solution, chemicals, alumina and petcoke.
There is a pneumatic conveying installation for Ioading alumina in bulk. The max.distance between waterline and top of hatch coaming is 11.5 m.


1X8 tonne and 1X12 tonne cranes at the North Berth to facilitate loading of aluminium / hydrate alumina and discharging coke or tar pitch.


No requirement for gangs.


Hatches are opened and closed by ship's crew.

Cargo Gear

Shore gear is used except for vessels carrying tropical bauxite that should be self-discharging.

Fresh Water

Available on pier.


San Nicolas port is a non sufficiently legislated area (Not entry/Exit port-No immigration office locally), therefore crew changes cannot be effected.


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