Is the one with the largest capacity in Greece for both crude oil and products, belonging to the most important company in Greek Energy industry, Hellenic Petroleum.


- Lat     38.0248 N
- Long  023.5937 E

Average water density is 1.025 while tidal range is +/-30 cm

Approach — Pilotage

Vessels with destination Aspropyrgos, have to arrive at Piraeus port in order to have pilot boarded for passing through Salamis channel to Eleusis bay. (VHF-CH-12-)
Draft at Salamis channel is 10.89 meters.
The same pilot berths vessel alongside Aspropyrgos Helpe-Installations, (if prospects are on arrival).


NEW PIER (Crude oil) : (2) Berths are available for berthing two vessels, while berthing and unberthing only take place during daylight.

LOA: 245 meters

Draft: 10,89 meters

Maximum alongside displacement : 70.000 MT

Maximum Manifold Height Above Water: 15.85 meters (used both sides)-(4) Hard arms 8’’

Vessels berth with starboard side alongside at New Pier No 10 and with portside alongside at New Pier No9.

LPG pier : is used for discharging/loading gases as well as MIRE cargoes.


Restrictions for this berth are as follows:

Draft: 5,80 meters

LOA: 150 meters

Maximum Manifold Height Above Water: 10 meters (port side)- (2) Hard arms 6’’

Maximum alongside displacement : 7.000 MT

Products loaded/discharged

Crude oil, Fuel oil, Gas oil, MTBE, Naphtha, Gasoline , Lpg mix (Pressurized/Refrigerated), Butane,Propane,e.t.c. are loading and discharging at Aspropyrgos Helpe Installation.


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