The main ship repair zones owned by OLP (Piraeus Port Organization) are:

Perama (maximum draft 8-9 metres), offering two piers, one dock for berthing astern and two floating docks with lift capacity of 15,000 and 4,000 tons, and capacity for ships of approximately 40,000 and 12,000 gt respectively. The floating dock dimensions are 200 x 30 metres and 110 x 19 metres.

Two dry docks with lengths of 150 metres and 100 metres in the Central Port (Vassiliadis area).

Additionally there are separate berthing docks within the Repair Zone, including Drapetsona (maximum Draft 8-9 metres), Agios Georgios (maximum draft 8-9 metres), D.E.H. and the Kynosousa area (maximum draft 10 metres). These are used for various maintenance works plus sandblasting (at Kynosoura only) and water blasting.

The activities of the Ship Repair Zone are supported by private mobile cranes.



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