Our Services

Elefsis Shipping Agency aims to provide Agency Services at Greek ports for all type of Vessels :

  • Loading/Discharging Operations
  • Ship-to-Ship Transfers
  • Ship Supply
  • Ship Repairing/Dry docking
  • Garbage/Waste Disposal
  • Change of Ownership/Management

With our Head Office based in Eleusis, we are the «anchor chain» between vessel and local authorities, specialized for:

  • Crude oil & Gas Tankers calling at Aspropyrgos or Eleusis HELPE INSTALLATIONS (Hellenic Petroleum).
  • Crude oil Tankers at Pachi/Megara HELPE INSTALLATIONS (Hellenic Petroleum).
  • Dry cargo vessels at Eleusis central commercial port.
  • Elefsis Shipyards for repairing/dry dock.
  • Piraeus Anchorage for bunkering, stores, provisions, and/or waiting for orders.
  • Drapetsona, Perama, Kynosoura for repairing.

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