Position : 37° 42.0' N / 024° 04.0' E


The commercial port has about 680 metres of quays, of which only 300 metres are usually available daily. The commercial quays accept vessels of no more than 120-140 metres LOA and max draught of 8.50 metres. They are mostly used for loading/discharging general cargo, containers (feeder ships) and various non-hazardous dry bulks.

Pilotage is compulsory for the port and for the anchorage of Lavrion. The pilot usually boards (whether permitting) at 37o41'N/24o05΄E for southbound vessels and at 37o45΄N/024o 05΄E for northbound vessels.

Vessels calling Lavrio Anchorage as TRANSIT CALL for stores,provisions,crew changes,e.t.c.


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