Latitude 40° 51’N Longitude 25° 57’ E

Max Draft 6,5       Time Zone GMT +2

WorldScale No

Alexandroupolis is on the NE coast Greece close to the Greek/Turkish border, approx 210nm NNE of Athens.


General overview

The port comprises an open roadstead, an artificial harbor and an offshore tanker berth (40°50.4’N 025°54.5’E), situated at the seaward end of a submarine pipeline extending 0.35nm from the coast, approx 1nm E of the port.

The port handles mainly timber, general and bulk cargoes are handled Aug-Jan.

Entrance to the port can be very difficult with strong S or SW winds.

Traffic figures: Approx 1,400,000t cargo, 29,000 vehicles, 160,000 passengers and 2,800 vessels handled annually.

Load line zone: Summer.

Max sixe: LOA 150m, max draught 6.5m.


Anchorages: Approx 1.3nm offshore in depths of more than 10.0m.

Strong SW winds can raise heavy sea. The current, which flows along the coast, causes vessels at anchor to lay beam onto the sea and roll heavily. In these conditions it is usual to put sea. During onshore gales from between SE and WSW the anchorage is unsafe.

If anchoring within 1nm of the coast it is advisable to keep ESE of line bearing 025° of the head of the SW mole, taking care to avoid a foul patch lying 0.4nm S of the head of the SW mole.

The best anchorage is from 0.5nm to 1nm offshore in a depth of 0.8m, mud.

A submarine cable leads S to Nisos Samothraki from a position on the shore 1nm W of the breakwater.

Tidal range and flow: Range 0.6m. N’ly winds will raise water levels with the converse true for S’ly winds.

Dock Density: 1025

Charts: BA 1086, 1636. Admiralty Pilot NP48, NP286(3).


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