UNLocode   GRSYS

Latitude  38°  54’ 40’’  N

Longitude 22°  36’ 58’’  E

Stylida or Stylis Port is situated on the north side of Maliakos Kolpos (Gulf).


A dredged channel of about ½ mile leads to the basis of the port. The channel is marked at the outer end by pair of light buoys and just before entering the basin by flashing beacons.The maximum draft ffr entering tt channel is 5,80 meter.

Stylida Port has three(3) commercial piers of a total lengh 370 meter with the following particulars

1st Pier 200,0 Meter long Max Draft: 5,80 meter
2nd Pier 100,0 Meter long Max Draft: 5,80 meter
3rd Pier 70,0 Meter long Max Draft: 5,00 meter


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